​and other Fine Art

"Miss Pretty Blue Eyes"

12" by 16" Oil on Canvas

"Trini at the Art Show"

12" by 16" Oil on Canvas

"Family Ties" 

This is a practice sketch for a larger and more refined piece to come later. Two of my brothers are in this picture with me. The one in the forefront is a cousin. the one with the big head in the back left is me holding my youngest brother! I was about 8 or 9 years old. :)

"What's in the box?" 

This is part of the under-painting of Snow White's Evil Queen. I have hours to go as this is a rather large piece. 36" by 48" inch oil on canvas.

The underpainting to an as of yet untitled piece. Oil on Canvas.

These are pieces in various stages of completion. If you have any questions about any of them, please contact me.

Works in Progress

​​​​​​​​Mendivil  Portraiture