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                                             Hello and thank you for visiting Mendivil Portraiture and Fine Art

                                             I am a self taught artist. I work in both oil and pencil and specialize in portraiture and figurative work. 

I grew up in southern California and discovered a drawing talent at a very early age. Drawing was one of my favorite things to do and over the years I refined my technique through lots of practice. I was attracted to other forms of art as well but was especially drawn to oil painting and In college I took a general art class where various forms of art were covered briefly. It was in this class where I first painted. After a short introduction to the basics of oil painting, the instructor assigned the students to paint an apple. When I was finished with mine, I was pretty unhappy with the results! Nevertheless, when it came time to choose the medium for the final project, I chose oil painting. I decided I would re-make a piece by the famous 17th century artist Diego Velasquez called "Arachne". Despite my instructor's insistence that my choice might be too big a task to complete on time, I went ahead with it anyway. When I was done, both my instructor and I were pleased with the piece (see the picture of my version of "Arachne" below) and my love for oil painting was born! Despite my early connection with the medium, I didn't paint again until years later. Fast forward to today and I have been painting regularly over the past three years. I do my own original works and I do commission pieces and I'm especially drawn to portraiture and figurative works! 

The art I have on this site are examples of some of my work. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me via e-mail, MendivilFineArt@gmail.com, or phone, (951) 305-3077. I look forward to working with you!


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Contact: (951) 305-3077 or email MendivilFineArt@gmail.com

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