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​​​​​​​​Mendivil  Portraiture

                             Full Body

3/4 Body

                 11" x 14"                             $1000

             16" x 20"                        $1300

       ​      18" x 24"                      $1600

             20" x 26"                      $1900 

             22" x 28"                      $2200                

Approximately half body (includes hands)

Please contact me via e-mail at MendivilFineArt@gmail.com or phone (951) 305-3077. The first step is to set up a consultation which will be conducted in person or over the phone as best appropriate. I do like to meet the person to be painted when possible as this allows me to get a more accurate feel for skin tone, personality, etc. This also allows me to take reference pictures that will aid in the rendition. When meeting is not possible, in lieu of a face to face or phone call I may ask that we conduct a video consultation via Skype or other similar application. Additionally, I will request that multiple (CLEAR) photos of the person to be painted be e-mailed to me and I will aid in choosing the photo best suited for the portrait. At the time of the consult we will discuss the details of the painting, i.e. size, colors, time to complete, etc. At this time I will quote the exact cost of the piece and if you decide to continue with the portrait will collect a non-refundable 1/3 deposit of the total cost. Throughout the process of the creation of the portrait I will provide photo updates as appropriate. At approximately the 75-80% completion mark, I will submit the piece via picture or show the piece in person (when possible) to you for final stage approval. This step is for the you to provide feedback as to the progress, to make suggestions, and to ensure the portrait is proceeding to your satisfaction. At this point, the second third of the total cost will be charged. Full payment is due upon delivery of the final piece. Where possible, we will arrange a meet for the final delivery. If I'm shipping it to you, full payment is due before shipment. Note: client is responsible for all shipping charges. 

The process of creating your portrait can take approximately one to three months to complete. Large or very complex pieces may take longer. Also, work load may affect the time line. If you are considering a portrait and have a deadline in mind, please provide me ample time to work on the piece. The more time the better!  if you are planning on getting a portrait done in time for holidays, I would recommend contacting me well in advance as that is the busiest time of year for me. 

I aim not only to create a likeness but to capture the essence of my subject. My absolute goal is to create an amazing portrait that will touch you emotionally! 

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to fulfilling your portraiture needs.


Portrait Procedure


 Head and Shoulders                    

                         11" x 14"                     $700 

                         16" x 20"                     $975

                         18" x 24"                     $1200



            16" x 24"                      $1650

            20" x 28"                      $2000

            24" x 32"                      $2400

            30" x 38"                      $2800

​The prices below are all approximations. Actual prices may vary depending on complexity of the actual portrait considered. Complex clothing patterns or detailed background scenery, as examples, will add to the cost of the portrait. Also, the prices listed are for one person in a painting. Each additional person in a painting will add 50% to the cost of the piece. Note: any shipping costs are the responsibility of the client and will be included in the final cost. All of these details will be discussed during a free initial consultation. All sizes below are for reference and different sizes other than those listed are available. All sizing is in inches. Prices do not include any type of framing.

             24" x 34"                         $2500

             30" x 40"                     $3300

             36" x 46"                     $4000